Kaelin nodded and followed two steps behind him, her eyes scanning the forest for danger. They walked for several minutes before Jayden stopped and stiffened, causing her to nearly run into him.

“What is it?” Kaelin mouthed.

“Someone’s injured…”

“Ours… or theirs?”

“C-captain?” a voice called weakly.

“Eldric?” Jayden rushed forward, Kaelin a step behind.

“I’m here…” the boy coughed.

Jayden sunk to his knees before the boy, taking stock of his injuries.

“Out of the way,” Kaelin ordered softly, gently nudging him over. Gash on his forehead, not serious… Her eyes scanned the boy for any obvious wounds as she went through the procedure Mindy had painstakingly taught her. Laceration on chest, deep. Ribs… Her fingers traveled over his ribcage and she prodded him gently…

“Ahh!” he cried out between clenched teeth.

Broken. Three on the right side. “He shouldn’t be moved for now,” she informed Jayden. “I need to stop the bleeding first. And… his ribs are broken.”

“Damn,” Jayden muttered under his breath. “Eldric, how many knights did you see? What direction were they heading?”

“At least a dozen in the group that attacked me…” He drew in a sharp hiss as Kaelin began cleaning the wound on his chest. “They are heading northeast, towards the camp.”

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