As they made their way down the hallway, the knight began to slow, leaning against the wall to support himself. Kaelin paused and gave him a concerned look. “You look quite ill,” she frowned worriedly, pressing the back of her hand to his forehead.

“I…I’ll be alright your highness,” he muttered, sliding further down the wall.

“How do you expect to protect the Princess in your condition?”

Mindy demanded, “If someone doesn’t get by you, you will surely make her ill as well.”

“But I…”

“What is your name sir?” Kaelin interrupted.

“Benjamin,” he replied weakly.

“Benjamin,” she smiled kindly, “I would hate for your health to worsen because of me; I can find another knight to protect me. Please, I would have you live to see another day.”

“Of course,” he sighed in relief, “I will go find someone…”

“No,” Kaelin insisted, “You must rest, Melinda will tend to you. I can manage long enough to find a capable knight.”

Benjamin’s eyes rolled back as he lost consciousness and fell to the floor.

Kaelin groaned and glared at her lady-in-waiting. “Your sedative worked to quickly, now
we’ll have to carry him and lose time.”

“He was not supposed to be so hard to convince,” Mindy frowned, grabbing Benjamin’s feet. Together, they dragged him into the next room and lifted him onto the bed.

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